Tax Services

Even the most straightforward tax return can be time consuming, frustrating, and tricky to navigate. Tax Plus in Sparks, Nevada, is here to help you with our tax preparation services. Our reasonable prices, education, and experience will reduce the stress that comes with taxes.

Individual Tax Returns

Tax Plus has the experience and knowledge to tackle any complex individual tax return. Regardless if you are self-employed, have income from rental properties, work remotely, or have other income from investments, we have you covered.

Starting a Business

Are you starting a new business? Chris and Jennifer will help you decide if you should be a Corporation, S-Corp, Partnership, or Sole Proprietor. They will help you file all of the necessary paperwork and will be there every step of the way.

Corporate Tax Returns

If you form a corporate entity for your small business, a tax return must be filed with the IRS each year. We’ll take care of your corporate tax returns, financial statements, and quarterly payroll forms.

Partnership Tax Returns

A partnership tax return is usually needed when a few people run a business together. These can be tricky as the money that passes through the business often becomes part of a personal tax return. We’ll also do the tax return for the partnership and the individuals involved.

Non-Profit (Tax-Exempt) Tax Returns

We have a lot of experience in filing non-profit tax returns. Let us take care of your financial statements and tax returns.

Estate and Trust Tax Returns

The loss of a loved one is hard enough without trying to navigate estate or trust tax returns. Let us help you with the fiduciary and estate tax returns.